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What I do

I'm a writer with several years of experience in consumer and enterprise software. I've worked on in-house creative teams, alongside product marketers, closely with sales teams, and directly with executives. I can write anything you need, from snappy ad copy to a multi-chapter e-book.

How I do it

I start by getting to know the audience and identifying their needs. I balance that with the company's goals, and create content that works for everyone. I’m at my best when I can throw ideas around with people smarter than me as a project is just spinning up. Once the gears start grinding, I work hard to find the right mix of quality, collaboration, and getting the thing out the door. I’m 50% perfectionist, and 50% scrappy.

Where I came from

I began my writing career in 2007 as an internal comms coordinator at Genentech. I got my first job as a writer at AppDirect in 2011, I then had a long stint in enterprise collaboration marketing at Atlassian, Dropbox, and Quip. Most recently I joined to focus my efforts on making life better for people living paycheck to paycheck.

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