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What I do

I'm a writer with several years of experience in consumer and enterprise software. I've worked on in-house creative teams, alongside product marketers, and directly with executives.

I love what I do. Any day I can ship a piece of content that makes users happy is the best day ever. Oh, and it's important to make the bosses happy as well. I do that, too.

How I do it

I start by getting to know the audience and identifying their needs. I balance that with the company's goals, and create content that works for everyone. I believe that there's room for empathy, craft, and joy in just about everything. I do this all in the form of websites and landing pages, ads and headlines, UI and microcopy, marketing and transactional emails, and a lot of blog posts.

Where I came from

I began my writing career in 2007 as a marketing coordinator at Genentech. In 2010 I moved into the tech world as a communications writer for AppDirect, followed by a jump to Atlassian in 2012 where I worked as a copywriter on the marketing design team. Then I worked at Dropbox for two years as a content strategist, splitting my time between product marketing, conversion, and corporate efforts. 

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