Juli is easily one of the best content strategists I have worked with in any industry. Her impact on the marketing team at Dropbox ranged from writing extremely difficult blog posts (sunsetting popular apps), to identifying quality content (and building out guidelines for how and why we should emulate it), and carefully editing other people’s works to maintain a high quality bar (ensuring we had a consistent voice and style, with no errors). In the end, Juli drove thousands of visitors to our blog and marketing landing pages, ensuring that we could increase revenue and engage our users.

Given that she’s balancing a very tough creative task (write something compelling and interesting) with real business needs (we’re releasing incremental updates or dry enterprise features), Juli’s resolve in getting tasks over the finish line in a timely manner, and producing excellent and interesting content is unparalleled. I cannot recommend Juli strongly enough—she’d be a welcome addition to any team (and I’ll be trying to recruit her at all of my companies in the future).
— Don McGray, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Dropbox
I’ve really enjoyed working with Juli. Startup life can be full of last minute requests for quick turnaround. Juli not only puts care into every word she writes, her attitude is incredibly gracious and inviting. Her ability to write friendly copy that makes difficult things easy to understand stems from who she is as a person. She is thoughtful and a pleasure to be around.
— Yasmine Khan, Independent UX Research and Design Strategy Consultant
Juli’s ability to morph her core creative and technical skills to many different situations and audiences made her a valuable contributor to any project she was working on. Juli is enthusiastic about taking on new projects with a level of humble confidence that always conveyed to me that her true strengths are core to who she is, not simply technical abilities.
— Ben Domanico, Director of Design at Patreon
Juli has a keen sense of what will pique an audience’s interest, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that her content holds their attention (often not an easy task, especially in business writing). She combines solid writing fundamentals with a fresh perspective and voice, and is up to any writing challenge. All this, and she’s great to work with to boot.
— Gretchen Dukowitz, Senior Content Editor at AppDirect
I hired Juli as the company’s first marketing writer. On day 1 she jumped right into the deep end and started working. She helped out with various stakeholders across the company, and in the first six weeks there were three people that came up to me and said, ‘Juli’s awesome!’ That’s magic to a hiring manager’s ears. She whipped our mediocre writing into shape and was thoroughly enjoyable to work with. In addition to doing her job she contributed significantly to our team camaraderie and the company culture.
— Jon Silvers, Head of Marketing at Gravitational
Every good designer needs a good copywriter and our design team was lucky to have Juli as ours. She probably would have even found a way to make that sentence work. Anyway, Juli is great at the copy craft, is passionate about her work, and embraces collaboration in the process of making art & copy.
— Jeff Kriege, Design Lead at HealthSherpa
Juli’s ability to translate ambiguous requests into concrete goals allows projects to finish on-time and satisfy the requirements of the varied stakeholders. Juli is able to juggle feedback and suggestions from plenty of folks at once, making everyone in the project feel valued while staying true to brand guidelines and project goals.
— Spencer Michael Watts, Product Analyst at Rented.com